A Synopsis of English Literature

A Synopsis of English Literature provides a path through English Literature following what the Author considers to be important for a better, or different, understanding of this rewarding and never-letting-you-down field of study. It has thus no ambition of being fully comprehensive, final or exhaustive, mainly because it is a work, which, willingly so, is neither finished, nor ever will be. Like the never-ending process of life, studying is a personal adventure that has to be guided by subjective interests. Indeed, there is no other similar pleasure comparable to that arising from the intellectual excitement in discovering new paths of research that, intuitively or rationally, disclose before us insights that make us reconsider what we thought we already knew. Students are thus meant to complete this book themselves.

di Yvonne  Bezrucka

Yvonne Bezrucka is Full Professor of English Literature at the University of Verona, Italy, and holds a PhD from R.H.B.N.C., London. She has many areas of interest that she studies guided by some privileged observation foci, e.g. ‘Aesthetics and Literature’, ‘Visual Culture and Visual Rhetoric’, ‘Darwinism and Literature’, always maintaining Cultural Studies as her main research filter. She has published Oggetti e collezioni nella letteratura inglese dell’Ottocento and Genio e immaginazione nella letteratura inglese del Settecento, books on Aesthetic Regionalism, besides various essays on W. Shakespeare, R. Browning, T. Hardy and V. Woolf.

A Synopsis of English Literature

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